Paros is arguably one of your best choices for your holidays. You can combine both relaxing family holidays and holidays with vivid nightlife and excitement. Holidays in Paros mean a variety of options in this magic island of Cyclades.

Paros is one of the biggest tourist islands with a long history. Located approximately in the middle of the Cyclades, between Naxos and Antiparos Islands. The island of Paros reaches 194.46 sq. km. has a coastline of 118.5 km and a population of 12,853 inhabitants (2001). On the coast there are the major ports such as the Port of Naoussa and Parikia. The terrain is mountainous, with the highest peaks of the Prophet Elijah (750 m) and Marpissa (730 m). Locals are involved with agriculture, fisheries and livestock. In Paros is cultivated enough barley and several vineyards. The subsoil has rich mineral wealth (deposits of iron, manganese, etc.).

In Paros, there are many wineries and distilleries, that manufacture fine wine. Famous are also the marbles of Paros, famous for its white color and that is translucent in sufficient depth. Many masterpieces of antiquity were made of local marbles. Each summer the island is visited by many tourists and certainly give a different tone to the daily life of locals.